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Jumpstart Your Cyber Security Career

The EHF Batch of Ethical Hacking Foundation Training is created with an objective to train, enable & prepare fresh technology and science graduates for entry level jobs related to Ethical Hacking Skillset.


Application Deadline7 21 July 22Through IBSA Portal
Payment for Course9 23 July 22Will be enabled
Batch Starts10 24 July 22Intro Session
Batch Ends10 24 Aug 22Lab Report Closure
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IBSA & qSEAp Jointly Present

IBSA has partnered with qSEAp, a growing organization providing Cyber Security services, to design and deliver this course and meet the objective of talent identification and nurturing with Ethical Hacking skillset.
At the end of this course, the students will be eligible to appear in the interview conducted by QSEAP. Successful candidates in the interview may get internship or job offer from QSEAP.
Know more about qSEAp, click on qSEAp logo here.


This live batch on Ethical Hacking Foundation Training is linked to the self study course Ethical Hacking Foundation or EHF.
As part of this training, you’ll get access to EHF Self Study course also, at no additional cost.
To know more about the EHF Self Study Course and its curriculum, click on the button below.


The training includes –
1) Access to EHF Online Self Study Course on IBSA including Quiz, free of cost. No need to make payment for this.
2) Access to EHF Online Live Batch Course on IBSA including live sessions recording and assignments
3) Minimum 4 Live Sessions of approx. 2.5 hours each over weekends on EHF Revision and Q/A
4) Lab Exercise and Presentation during live sessions
5) Q/A based Discussions, Query Resolution & Revision during live sessions

Please Note: FULL ATTENDANCE in Live Sessions and Completing Self Study Course as per our schedule are Mandatory to pass the training successfully and reach interview round.

Enrollment Process

This batch has limited seats and hence preference will be given on First Come First Serve basis. Selection process for the Ethical Hacking Foundation Training batch includes following steps –

1) Apply for the Batch

To apply for the batch, you need to submit your resume in PDF format through Application Form for initial filtering. IBSA will filter based upon the academic credentials and certification.
Preferred Selection Criteria: Science and Technology Graduation with 0-3 years of any experience.

To submit your application, please click on the button above.
For query / difficulty in filling up application or registration, please reach us at with copy to

2) Make Payment and Enroll in the Batch

Once we shortlist your application for the course, you would have to make the payment for the course to join the batch.

For this course, 50% discount is offered to the first 20 selected applicants.

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About the Instructors

Sanjay Lekhak
A Cyber Security Engineer & Trainer