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Welcome to the “Investing Guide for Beginners” Course from IBSA!

This course helps people to know why investing is necessary for life to achieve various goals in life. It also enlists and explains broad types of asset classes that fit different investment avenues. As the course progresses the trader or investor would learn more about each individual investment avenue in detail. Each individual investment has its own purpose and characteristics in the overall portfolio.

This course is the first step in advanced learning of different investment types like equity, debt, gold, etc.

Salient Features of the “Investing Guide for Beginners” course

  • The course is designed to help you to learn basic concepts in the different investment arenas.
  • This course covers essential learning about different types of investment avenues in different asset classes.
  • You’ll build knowledge by learning about popular and most convenient financial investments in different asset classes like equity, debt, real estate, gold, etc.
  • With the help of the knowledge gained from this course, the investor would know what to expect from each investment done in different avenues and asset classes.
  • It will be a sound building block to learn advanced learning in each individual investment.

Core Benefits of the “Investing Guide for Beginners” course

  • A fair idea of the financial and investment terms and jargon.
  • Know expectations from each asset class and investment.
  • Decide on goal-based investment and suitable investment for the same.
  • The informed decisions on each asset class’s business cycles, interest cycles, and relative performance.
  • know the importance of asset diversification, rupee cost averaging, systematic investment, efficient income tax management, retirement planning, liquidity, and risk management with respect to investments.

Who should do this investment Course?

The people who want to start investing early or the people who must invest with informed decisions must do this course. It will also help people who want to learn emergency fund and cash management, wealth creation, income tax planning, retirement planning, cash flow management, inflation-beating ability, etc.

It is suitable for following investors but not limited to.

  • A student
  • Homemaker
  • Working people
  • Businessmen
  • Retired People

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