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Prepare for Oracle SQL Interview

IBSA presents SQL Master General course to help you prepare for Oracle SQL Interviews.
Learn the concepts using hands-on exercises precisely in the way you are supposed to answer them in an interview.
Get ready to acquire Oracle SQL related jobs.
Update your arsenal to become interview-ready by learning real-world SQL interview scenarios in this course.
This SQL course has been taken by an experienced data engineer at Expedia.

Master SQL Advanced – Part 2 of TWO

We have divided Master SQL into 2 parts – General and Advanced.
In this module, we take up the advanced topics that consolidate your knowledge further.

The Need

You are looking to move into a more analytical role and see SQL as a requirement in the job listings.
You want to add “SQL” as a skill to your resume / CV with a clean conscience and back it up if any questions arose in the interview.
This course will help you achieve above objective.

How We Created This Course    

Abhishek, IBSA Co-Founder and I brainstormed the problems arising during a typical interview process in any big MNC. For example, a candidate lacks applying the traditional SQL knowledge, using effective patterns in a complex SQL question.
Thus, we came up with this specifically curated course to make you interview-ready. 

What You’ll Learn

If you have a conventional background in SQL syntax, don’t be afraid! You have already crossed half of the path.
For the rest half, We’ve distilled our knowledge and experience using SQL into a short course so that by the end, you’ll have the ninja skills to do some accurate data analysis for your company using SQL – a language virtually EVERY company uses. 
Note: This course teaches you real-world SQL – not just the theory in abstract, but fundamental skills you can use to get more data-driven in your current job. 

Course Construction

  • The first part of the course is dedicated to brushing up on your SQL syntax and constructions knowledge.
  • Next, We’ll go through each construct and solve varying difficulty problems. While also teaching you the raw skills undergirding those queries so you can adapt those skills to create custom queries for your specific purposes
  • To reinforce learning, we have exercises and quizzes scattered throughout the course to learn by doing.
  • The next part of the course will contain some classical SQL questions asked in Amazon, Apple, Expedia, etc.


  1. Do I need to purchase any software to take this course? Nope! Everything we use to do data analysis with MySQL, which is entirely free. We’ll walk you through the installation and set-up of any software we’ll use.

Who this course is for:

  • Business Analysts
  • Startup folks
  • Non-technical folks
  • Aspiring Data Analysts/ Data Engineer
  • Recent College Grads
  • Job-seekers
  • Product Managers

About the Instructors

20+ Years Business and Operations experience into IT & Cyber Security.