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Cyber Security Consultant
This course prepare you well to the level where you can clear the interview on your own. They focus on clearing the concepts and building fundamentals. I will recommend this course to those who are looking for a Cyber Security as a carrier.

Rajini Umredkar

Cyber Security Consultant
The course is structured to give you basic understanding about each and every thing related to start carrier or take first step to wards cyber security it help to a lot. Thank you Integral Bytes team for guidance and support .

Rohit Kushwaha

Cyber Security Consultant
Good institute with integrity, where you get knowledge from scratch, sessions are conducted to check how much you made progress and what doubts have arrived while learning and they will make sure that you understand the concepts very Clearly. You will be provided labs to solve so that you can comprehend the theory in practical manner. I loved most is there is quiz after every chapter and those questions make you think logically to answer them correctly. I'm happy to join this institute and grab essential knowledge about Networking and WASF. There are other programs too check it out and have a great time learning with them.

Vasundhara Kulkarni

Cyber Security Practitioner
Linux Administrator
Anyone looking a job in the Cyber Security and Linux fields should take this course, since it is extremely well-organized and concentrates on all the fundamental concepts that are necessary to grasp the whole idea. In my case- I have around 7 years of experience in service desk, desktop and server roles. For greater growth, I made the decision to shift into the cyber security field. I explored jobs in the field of cyber security after learning through the internet. But after a few interviews, I saw that my knowledge was insufficient to get the job. Integral Bytes training was recommended to me by a friend. I enrolled the Web App Sec Foundation course, and it helped me a lot to clear my basic understanding of Networking, Linux and cybersecurity for a very affordable fee. After finishing the course, I immediately started looking for a job. Surprisingly, I discovered that there was a open position for Linux Application Support at the same company. I applied and was selected for the position. Integral Bytes, kindly notify me when the next Ethical training level is available. Once more, many thanks for everything. and apologies for the lengthy comment.

Sohail Sayyed

Linux Administrator
IBSA training contents, Trainer Approach & process was very correctly designed and it helped me to crack Qseap Interview. It was big opportunity for me to start my career in IT firm. IBSA make sure to clear basic fundamentals before jumping into cyber security terminology. I wanted to thank my mentors Mr. Abhishek Kapoor n Sanjay sir for being available to solve our queries.

Rajni Khetade

Cyber Security Practitioner
The WebAppSec Foundation course will be very helpful for someone who is looking to start or upgrade their career in Cybersecurity. The self-study course is informative and will give you an overview. Trainers will be clearing all the doubts and explaining the concepts in every session. there are no prerequisites for this course, all you need is interest and dedication. And this course got me a job and I will recommend this course to those people who are looking to land in the cybersecurity field.

Arun Kumar

Cyber Security Consultant
This course was short but very informative and very helpful for a beginner like me. The content is well organized and focused on practical. They also provide assistance for interview preparation. After completing the course, I was well prepared for the interview and successfully cracked the interview.

Nilesh Kharat

Cyber Security Consultant
Cyber Sec Consultant
This Course is not only for beginner but also for those who have the good knowledge in cyber security. The course is very helpful to kickstart you career in the cyber security domain. If I talk about the study materials the contents are the best to understand the concepts easily. Additionally, one more important thing is that they focus on practical by solving the lab that helps to understand real-world scenarios how all things are working. The tutor or course coordinator are so good and supportive and they always try to move us forward by tracking our progress & reminding us what we have done or not. If you take this course seriously and do well then definitely you can crack the interview. Thankyou for all the team members!

Ashraf Khan

Cyber Sec Consultant
It was such a good experience in learning and very helpful for a beginner like me.They focus on clearing the concepts and building fundamentals. They also provide assistance for interview preparation. I will recommend this course to those who are looking for a cyber security as a career.

Rashmi Singh

Cyber Security Practioner

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