Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you offer?

As of now, we offer complete training on Web Application Security including Networking, Kali, VA, PT, Risk Assessment, Cyber Security Terminology, Web Applications, Web App Attacks such as Client Side / Server Side / DB etc., API Security & Mobile Security.  

Yes, we cover all the useful tools and have included their demo in our video content such as Nessus, NMAP, BurpSuite, Wireshark and many more. We also enable our students to install all the useful tools on their laptop.

We provide training fully online using pre-recorded videos, online reading material, online labs and live sessions. Currently, there is no need to visit any physical classroom. However, we do plan to include a simulated project assignment which will require students to visit our lab room. 

When you buy a course, you get access to the course at our online Learning Management System and can browse the self study content including pre-recorded videos as well as live session recording once delivered. 

We conduct online live sessions on weekends. These are delivered by cyber security professionals and are connected to the syllabus where our trainer will give a brief about all the concepts covered.

You’ll be expected to go through the relevant topics for that week over weekdays and then get your doubts cleared in the live session.

2-3 hours daily over week days and 4-5 hours over weekend is desired pace and investment to build a fabulous career.

A good laptop with 8 GB RAM, Windows Operating System and good internet will be required to begin with.

Our trainers are working professionals in the areas such as cyber security, cloud security etc. During weekdays, they are mostly on live projects and then take sessions during weekends. 

Some are about the tools and some are cyber security challenges to be cracked. The challenges are of 3 category – Easy, Medium and Hard. We provide guidance on all the labs however, when required.

Labs are divided into two buckets – Mandatory and Optional.

Mandatory labs must be completed to get the certificate of completion. These labs will also help to understand the concepts better.

Optional labs will be available to students and can be completed over the period of validity which will be approximately one week more after the final live session is over.

There will be a challenge examination at the end of the course.

Out trainers will help you to do this, if required.

Yes. We provide certificate at the completion of the course and it can be downloaded from the website after the course is completed.

It’ll be uploaded to one of the courses on our LMS. However, the recording will be available for a limited period only, up to 1.5 months approx. after the final live session. This can be modified based upon needs.

The self study material will be available for 1 year total.

We are a very focused training academy and we ensure that our students get ready to crack the tough interviews of cyber security.

Our training will definitely enable you for cyber security career if you attend it with full dedication and discipline. We may also connect you with a few cyber security organizations for interview purpose.

However, as we are not a placement agency hence we don’t provide placement services.

Yes, you can but the live sessions and labs are not added in self-study course.

Yes, we do that on demand basis. We can create customized batches as well. 

No. We don’t provide 1:1 training.

No. We don’t have any physical classroom and we don’t provide classroom based full time offline training.

Those who complete the course as per the milestones we define and complete the labs and practice assignments also in time, have mostly been able to crack the technical round. So there is a very strong correlation between good study and interview result. However, we don’t provide any guarantee upfront as it all depends upon the hard work a student is putting in.