Building Awareness for Cyber Security Career

Cyber Security | A Premium Career Option

Dear College Students and Esteemed Faculty,

We are building awareness among young students about Cyber Security Career.

Most of them are really not much aware of the kind of roles there exist in Cyber Security.

During their graduation period or even before that, the touch points are very few where they can pull the information from on the several possibilities that exist within the domain of Cyber Security.

Cyber Security | A Set of Premium Skills

Mostly, Cyber Security is considered as an option for those who do not want to get into programming. However, that perception needs a change now.

Cyber Security is not just the next step of networking today. It involves deep understanding of many areas such as Web Applications, APIs, Mobile Applications, Cloud Platforms, Data Analytics, Big Data Platforms, Databases, Scripting and Programming languages, Data Mining languages and platforms etc.

Hence, we truly believe that its responsibility of professionals like us to take the initiative and spread the right message about Cyber Security as a Premium Career Option among our brilliant workforce.

Integral Bytes Presents Awareness Program

The Awareness Program includes a seminar and a foundation level course “Ethical Hacking Foundation” (EHF) using online LMS along with continuous guidance and mentoring. The program is offered FREE to college students. 

Using the EHF course syllabus, we have placed 20+ students from 8 batches we ran last year. Now, we have upgraded the syllabus and have started offering complete web application security including API and Mobile security as well. 

As a CSR gesture, we have now decided to open up EHF for awareness building and included it in our program for free. 

Awareness Program Ingredients

With the objective to spread awareness about cyber security career, we have designed an awareness program which includes –

    1) An introduction session, face to face preferably or webinar 

    2) Access to Ethical Hacking Foundation (EHF) Self Study Course

    3) A lab assignment, to be performed on self laptop

    4) Guidance and Mentoring through Whatsapp Group

    5) Q/A & Summary Online Session related to the Self Study Syllabus

    6) Continuous monitoring of study progress over whatsapp group using LMS reports & a study milestone calendar

    7) Certification at completion of Self Study Course

    Here is the Syllabus of Ethical Hacking Foundation or EHF Course

    IP Address & Subnets
    TCP / IP Handshake
    Port Mapping & Scanning
    FTP, SMB, Telnet, SSH, RDP, HTTP / HTTPS, Mailing Protocols, ARP & MITM
    Network & Security Devices

    Kali Linux Installation
    Command Line
    BASH Scripting


    Scan & Exploit Target using Metasploit & Python Script
    Web Application Architecture
    Cyber Security Terminologies
    CIA Triad

    The Awareness Program is FREE

    And the most important thing is that all this is offered for FREE.

    We do not charge for Awareness Program.

    Additionally, using same syllabus, we have been able to place 20+ students from our initial 8 EHF batches.  

    Please Ask Your College to Contact Us

    Sounds interesting? Please ask your college to connect with us to schedule the Awareness Program.

    If you have all the information ready such as batch details, college contact person etc. then you can fill up the form right now. We’ll revert soon!

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