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Mobile Applications have their own ecosystem and carry different kind of risk patterns as compared to regular web applications.

Hence, its important to understand how mobile applications work and how they can be compromised by external threats to know how mobile applications can be protected.

However, before we try to get into mobile applications security, we’ll need to get comfortable with how APIs or Application Programming Interfaces work due to the fact that mobile applications rely a lot upon such APIs to perform.

Thus, API Security skill is one of the critical milestones to be acquired after one is well versed with web application security concepts and tools.

Usage of API or Application Programming Interface has increased multifold over last few years and it also poses huge security risks as it usually remains uncovered.

Hence, for all cyber security enthusiasts, its very important to understand how various API models work and how they can be tested and secured.

Once you acquire deep understanding of APIs and API Security, we’ll take you through the fundamentals of Mobile Application & its Security Framework.

With this purpose, we have designed this course which maps to API as well as mobile application security assessment skills being used in the cyber security industry.

In this course, we cover –

  1. API Security
    • Introduction to API
    • Types of API
    • SOAP vs REST API
    • Tools important for API Analysis – GraphQL, Postman, Burpsuite
    • OWASP top 10 for API
    • OAuth 2.0 Introduction
    • OAuth 2.0 Vulnerabilities
    • OpenID & JWT
    • JWT Vulnerabilities
  2. Mobile Application Security
    • Basics of Android
    • Data Storage on Android
    • Static Mobile Application Analysis
    • Data Storage Vulnerabilities Exploitation
    • Deep Link Exploitation
    • Dynamic Mobile Application Analysis
    • Mobile OWASP Top 10 – 2016
    • Demonstration of various tools including jadx, aptkool, jd-gui, diva, frida, burpsuite, scrapy, magisk, adb & objection

Start the course now and enjoy the learning.

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