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Build Your Cyber Security Career

The Web App Sec Foundation Training is created with an objective to train, enable & prepare fresh technology and science graduates for entry level jobs related to Web Application Security Skillset.


Payment Deadline12 Nov 24 Dec 22Will be enabled
Batch Starts13 Nov 25 Dec 22Intro Session
Batch Ends17 Dec 27 Jan 23Lab Report Closure
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IBSA & qSEAp Jointly Present

IBSA has partnered with qSEAp, a growing organization providing Cyber Security services, to design and deliver this course and meet the objective of talent identification and nurturing with WebAppSec skillset.
At the end of this course, the students will be eligible to appear in the interview conducted by QSEAP for Fresher Level. Successful candidates in the interview may get internship or job offer from QSEAP.
Know more about qSEAp, click on qSEAp logo here.


This live batch on WebAppSec Foundation Training is linked to the self study course WebAppSec Foundation Part 1 or WASF-1.

As part of this training, you’ll get access to Self Study course also, at no additional cost.
To know more about the Self Study Course and its curriculum, click on the button below.

Learning Methodology

As part of this training, you get access to 2 courses – Online Self Study Course and Online Live Batch Course. The learning process is as under –
1) Online Self Study Course has lessons including pre-recorded videos, study material & tools demo where the lessons are mapped to the live sessions. So, before attending a live session, you need to go through the prescribed lessons in the Self Study Course.
2) Online Live Batch Course has mapping of each live session to corresponding lesson in the Self Study Course. This will help you to know which lessons to study before you appear in the live session.
3) The Live Sessions are held by an expert professional as review and Q/A sessions to ensure you complete your learning and your doubts are cleared. There will be 4 live sessions. Each session is of approx. 2.5 hours and held over weekends.
4) Recordings of live sessions is uploaded to Online Live Batch Course regularly which you can play later as well.
5) You’ll have to do a Lab Assignment after completion of 4 live sessions. You’ll have to present the lab assignment report to IBSA faculty and complete 1:1 discussion to take the feedback.

Please Note:
1) FULL ATTENDANCE in Live Sessions and Completing Self Study Course as per our schedule are Mandatory to pass the training successfully and reach interview round.
2) You need a laptop with 8 GB RAM and a good internet connection to complete this course. The course is NOT suited for mobile phone based learning.

Registration & Enrollment Process

This batch is over.

About the Instructors

20+ Years Business and Operations experience into IT & Cyber Security.