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Wish to experiment and see how your raw idea can be converted into a startup plan? Using simple steps and common sense? Here is the course that will help you exactly to achieve this.

No need for the idea to be absolutely unique or ground breaking. The idea can be small, big, unique, copied, random, unrealistic, fantastic, with or without any prototype or in any shape.

Take one idea at a time, experiment and move on. A responsible and creative person’s mind is usually receptive to many beautiful or crazy ideas in short burst. However, such a person may also prefer to use one idea at a time and see how it develops before jumping on to next idea.

It’s not mandatory for an idea to be unique patent worthy. The idea in itself need not be a great innovation. A regular idea, copy of an existing one somewhere else in the world, with better execution, pricing, service and business model can prove to be a successful startup. Inspiration works and is the right way to work.

Move fast, however, with your idea. The most important thing for an idea to be successful is the pace of execution, added with lots of blind faith in the idea and honest feedback from peers, customers and friends.  

For an idea to succeed, it’s important to open it up for execution and allow others to provide right feedback in time. The idea owner must be running with the idea and not wasting time in eternal planning. Get on the ground quickly. That’s the simplest way to succeed.

Good Decisions come from Experience but Experience comes from bad decisions!
So, don’t worry for any mistake. Go ahead and learn from them.

The key objective of this course is to promote simplistic entrepreneurial thinking such that any idea can be experimented quickly to design a startup and at the end, if the idea works then fine else we can move on to next idea.

Consider this course as an exercise tool and use with a team environment preferably such that there are multiple ideas in the group with each idea owned & driven by a team of more than 3 individuals. That makes the environment conducive for peer learning.

Don’t have a team or group to begin with? No issues. Start the course. In the suggested exercises, you would naturally end up talking to peers, friends. relatives and even strangers. Mostly, you’ll get teamed up with like minded individuals.

Take up preferably one lesson per week and do the recommended exercises to develop your business idea.

Please also note that this course is not supposed to be a master guide on how to create a company and launch your business. That is the next step after your idea is ready with a business plan and needs lots of interconnected action, execution and management. This course is just to help you to understand how to move your idea from an initial spark into a real business plan. 

As the idea belongs to you and would carry some uniqueness with it, the business plan also should belong to you and should be developed by you with utmost care, extending your vision, preferences, strengths, aspirations and objectives.

Although the lessons and topics are placed sequentially, there would be some forward backward movement often and some of the steps considered in initial chapters would have to be repeated in later chapters in a different context. So be prepared for all such moments!

This course is supposed to evolve over time and hence we request you and encourage you to share your feedback also such that, other upcoming entrepreneurs and innovators can also derive benefit from your learnings.

Lets promote entrepreneurship. Lets promote startups. Lets promote innovation!

BONUS – When you enroll for this course, you’ll get a free copy of the book “Design Your Startup” written by Abhishek Kapoor, co-founder IBSA.

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25+ Years Business and Operations experience into IT, Cyber Security & Business Development.