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1)Video Duration :3:43 Hours
2)Support Material :6 Practice Books (Excel)
3)Access Duration :One Year
4)Certificate :At Completion
5)Author :Abhishek Kapoor
6)Co-Author :Amitabh Kukrety

Understanding how different types of data can be collected and analyzed statistically is what Statistics is all about. We need to learn Statistics for various purposes.

Lets take the first step now and understand Statistics in a simple and sequential way.

In this module, we cover –

  • About Statistics, Sampling, Visualization
  • Measurements including Mean, Median, Mode, Variances & Standard Deviation
  • Type of Distributions including Normal, Poison, Binomial, Uniform, Gamma & Chi Square
  • About Hypothesis Testing, z Score, p Value, Confidence Interval & Errors
  • Parametric Tests for Hypothesis Testing including T Test, ANOVA
  • Non-Parametric Tests for Hypothesis Testing including Chi Square Test, 1 Sample Sign Test, Friedman Test, Kruskal Wallis Test, Mann Whitney Test & Spearman Rank Test

This course is perfect if you are –

  • A data science student looking for statistics fundamentals
  • Doing project work under masters where statistics is an essential element
  • Regular student of Mathematics and wish to consolidate statistics fundamentals
  • Find statistics complicated subject and looking for a simple and organized way of learning
  • Wish to cover the basics of statistics applications without getting deep into complexity of it

The course includes practice sheets on excel which you can download and use to do hands-on with easy to understand examples.

Enjoy Learning!

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