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Build Your Cyber Security Career

The WASE Batch or Web Application Security Expert level training is created with an objective to train, enable & prepare fresh technology and science graduates for advanced level premium jobs related to Web Application Security Skillset at Senior Level and build a strong cyber security career thereafter.

The Web Application Security Expert level training includes Networking, VA, PT, Web Application Security, API Security and Mobile Security.

The training also helps undergraduates and students of 11th-12th standards to acquire a premium cyber security skill early on, assess & develop interest in cyber security and build it further while moving towards graduation.


Payment Deadline8 Jun 24
Batch Starts9 Jun 24Intro & 1st Session
Batch Duration12 WeeksLive Sessions over Weekends
Batch EndsTo Be AnnouncedFinal Live Session
Minimum Requirements2 Hours Daily of Self Study
Personal Laptop with 8 GB RAM
Good Internet at Home

Technical Aptitude
Study MethodologySelf Study Courses
Live Sessions
Practical Assignments
Online Access to Session Recording120 Days
Access to Self Study Courses1 Year
On Successful CompletionIBSA Certificate &
One Interview Call


The WASE batch on Web App Sec Expert Level Training includes live sessions, lab assignments and 5 self study courses (with 27+ hours of pre-recorded videos) as mentioned under –

  1. Web Application Security Foundation including Networking Basics, Kali Linux, Cyber Security Terminologies & Solutions, Cyber Assessment Tools, Passive Info Gathering, Active Info Gathering, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing & Web Application Security Assessment Framework
  2. Web Application Security Professional including Client Side Attacks, Server Side Attacks, Authentication & Authorization, SQL Injections and XML Attacks
  3. API & Mobile Security including OAuth & JWT, Static & Dynamic Analysis, Insecure Data Storage and Deep Link Exploit

As part of this training, you’ll get access to above 3 Self Study courses at no additional cost.

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology includes combination of online self study, trainer driven live sessions & online labs.

The self study courses are the main source for all the concepts and have lessons including pre-recorded videos created by experts, study material & tools demo.

The live sessions provide insights on some important topics and also address the queries of students using Q/A. These live sessions are delivered by professional experts in cyber security. We provide recordings of live sessions using the WASE Live Batch Course.

You’ll have to do Lab Assignments during the training period of 12 weeks. The lab access will be provided to you at appropriate timing for fixed duration.

Please Note:
1) Reserve minimum 2 HOURS per day for Self Study. This course is designed for rapid learning using premium content at an extremely affordable price. Hence, to derive the real benefit, you must devote 2 hours daily for this batch. If that’s not feasible, it’ll be very tough for you to maximize the benefits from this course.

2) Full Attendance in Live Sessions, Completion & Submission of Lab Assignments and Completion of Self Study Courses as per our schedule are Mandatory to pass the training successfully, get the training certificate & get recommendation for interview stage.

3) You need a personal laptop with full access & minimum 8 GB RAM and a good internet connection to complete this course. The course is NOT suited for mobile phone based learning.

IBSA & qSEAp Joining Hands

IBSA has partnered with qSEAp, a growing Cyber Security organization, to identify and nurture cyber security talent together.

At the end of successful completion of this training, the students will be equipped with Web Application Security skillset to appear in the entry level interview for cyber security assessment roles at qSEAp as well as any other organization of their choice.

As IBSA has partnered with qSEAp, the successful candidates will be given preference to appear in the interview at qSEAp & may get internship or job offer, subject to their performance in the interview.

Know more about qSEAp, click on qSEAp logo here.

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About the Instructors

25+ Years Business and Operations experience into IT, Cyber Security & Business Development.