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Dear JSM Alibag Computer Science Students,
Welcome to Awareness Building Program on Cyber Security Career, presented by Integral Bytes Skills Academy!

Using this program, we would aim you to get followings –

  1. Awareness of lucrative career options with different roles within Cyber Security
  2. Understanding Skill requirement for Cyber Security
  3. Acquiring Foundation level skill using Ethical Hacking Foundation course on our LMS
  4. Creation of a roadmap to have a successful cyber security career

To achieve above, we’ll utilize –

  1. An introduction session
  2. EHF course on Integral Bytes Portal
  3. Whatsapp Group for learning coordination
  4. Email feedback for assignment(s) included in the course
  5. Q/A session after a month
  6. Certificate of Completion (to be downloaded from Integral Bytes Portal)

EHF Course includes –

IP Address & Subnets
TCP / IP Handshake
Port Mapping & Scanning
FTP, SMB, Telnet, SSH, RDP, HTTP / HTTPS, Mailing Protocols, ARP & MITM
Network & Security Devices

Kali Linux Installation
Command Line
BASH Scripting


Scan & Exploit Target using Metasploit & Python Script
Web Application Architecture
Cyber Security Terminologies
CIA Triad

Lets start the learning! Wish you all the best!

* Please post all the queries on the whatsapp group created exclusively for you. Do NOT Hesitate. Our experts will also join that group and will promptly address your queries to ensure you learn fast.

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About the Instructors

25+ Years Business and Operations experience into IT, Cyber Security & Business Development.